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People drawing
People drawing

People DAO was born from a landmark event in Web3 symbolizing the power of human coordination. In mid-November 2021 a group of internet friends decided to buy a copy of the US Constitution. The resulting social movement, Constitution DAO, raised $45M but was outbid by the CEO of Citadel, Ken Griffin.

People DAO formed in the wake of the failed attempt, adopting $PEOPLE for our governance, compelled by the unique properties of the token and story. People DAO officially established itself on December 6th following a Snapshot vote. Shared values emerged, including intercultural exchange and altruism (#PeopleHelpPeople). We embrace the meme aspect of the $PEOPLE token because it keeps life fun.

Self-identifying as a metaDAO, we are committed to acting as a designer, funder, and supporter of DAOs and projects which advance Web3 and improve social good. We welcome all people to join our almost-7,000 Discord members in developing the People DAO infrastructure and working together to apply our energy.

Nov '21
The origin

An internet group decides to buy a copy of the US Constitution. They raise $45M but lose the auction. Many People DAO members were contributors to the effort.

Nov '21
The meme token

Constitution DAO announces it will shutter. While some donators redeem their $PEOPLE others keep the token. The price moons 40x amid speculation. People DAO hosts its 1st Twitter Spaces.

Dec '21
People DAO

People DAO forms after a Snapshot vote on Dec 6th. Our Discord grows to almost 7,000 members as talent gathers and begins building the DAO's next chapter.

Dec '21

Constitution DAO reliquishes ownership of the $PEOPLE token contract. They close down their Discord, closing the chapter.

Jan '22
The future

The future is still being written. Current plans include issueing POAPs to the community, launching our treasury, and beginning collaboation with other DAOs.

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How to buy $PEOPLE

The circumstances of its origin means $PEOPLE had one of the fairest launches in Web3 history. With over 14,000 contributors, the average donation to the fundraiser was $220. Charged with a spirit of populism, $PEOPLE has become a meme token and mooned multiples above its first price. Since Constitution DAO relinquished control of the token contract on December 23 $PEOPLE now Retains a hard cap to its supply like Bitcoin. Communities have sprouted across the world with the intention to build an ecosystem around this unusual token.

Ongoing projects

Applying for Harmony Grant
Writing DAO Consitution
DAO-DAO Collaboration
Coordinape Integration


Frequently asked questions
What is a DAO?

Decentralizaed Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an organizational model native to Web3 striving for horizontal decisionmaking and structure, and coordinating through the use of digital technologies and code.

What is PeopleDAO?
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